Increase inspection frequency from once every 5 years to once every two.


Create a public website tracking complaints, fines, and violations.

Civil Penalty

Mandatory Liability Insurance

Require all RCFES to carry a minimum 1 million dollar general liability policy


* Community Care Licensing (CCL) Division  is only required to complete an inspection of an RCFE facility every 5 years.

​​* There is no easy and convenient way for consumers to access information on an RCFEs previous violations, fines, or complaints.

* The CCL’s maximum civil penalty for negligence (including death resulting from negligent care) is only $150!

* The State of California does not require RCFEs to carry liability insurance.


Elinor is the longest living and working Rosie the Riveter. Elinor was one of the first to enter the work force during World War II. She stepped into the iconic role in 1942 with her two sisters in Chula Vista, California. Elinor plans on retiring after working for 70 years on the assembly line at Boeing in Long Beach. During her interview on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, Elinor was asked what she wanted to do when she retired. Without hesitation, Elinor replied, “I want to help old people.” 
After hearing the tragedy and misfortune that takes place in RCFEs she quickly agreed to be the spokesperson for the Stand Up For Rosie Campaign.
“I support Assisted Living Reform.These older people have done their duties and have earned good keeping now.”

Protecting Our Most Beloved Citizens

Increase the civil penalty for negligence from $150 to $15,000

Stand Up For Rosie is a comprehensive reform campaign focused on California’s Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly (RCFE) also known as Assisted Living Facilities. 

We have an ever-growing population of at risk individuals – our elderly and baby boomers. Over the course of the last few decades, RCFEs have become a resource to care for our most beloved individuals.

Unfortunately, while we have entrusted these facilities with the care of our
loved ones and relied on the state of California to protect them, sadly, that is not always the case. Our elderly are placed in facilities that are not properly insured, lack proper oversight, incur insufficient penalties for negligence, and lack transparency. We must provide a system for care that inspires the care and respect our elderly deserve.